“The responsible dad”

Sneha Singh

He was the father of two children. He was responsible and caring, looked after their needs. He worked day in and day out for his children. His daughter was 15 years old, whom he loved a lot. He was in a habit to drop her to school, to coaching and to any other place she went. Each time she went outside, her father had to be with her. The daughter soon accustomed of moving out only with his father.
One day, he went out of station for some work. Now, the daughter was in a dilemma whether to go outside alone or not.
Will the roaming wolves catch her?
Will she be confident enough walking out alone?
Will she be bold enough to fight back the obscene comments she will hear?
Will she be able to make her way in the very, very cruel world outside?
Will she be ableā€¦

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I've cold.....

I’ve cold…..